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  • October Blues 26 Oct 2016  | 1 Comment




    Sydney's freshest in Organics & BioDynamics!

    Have you got the October Blues?

    It's that time of year when the change of season brings on new and exciting stonefruit. Mangoes, Peaches, Apricots, Nectarines Berries why are we BLUE?
    We're blue because we have to play the waiting game. There usually is around 2-3 weeks each year which are dull and fruit supplies are slow. Here's a liitle banter about whats going on in the market!

    Apples - Forest Orchards SA have supplied us all season with Pink Ladies & Fuji's and this is their last week of supplies. We'll move to Gala's from Esperance Bay TAS from next week as the best eating apples. Granny's from WA are hit and miss at the moment.
    Bananas - are starting to come back in price and should come down a little further as we get into the warmer months. Quality is great!
    Berries - Blueberries from QLD and Strawbs from South East QLD are nice at the moment.
    Pineapples are hard to get and may be this way for another month or so!
    Watermelons - Large melons from Ottones QLD (They grow Pineapples too) are great. The fruit is at the perfect stage and is eating sweet and cuts crisp.
    Citrus - Mandarins have hit the brakes & the season has finished.....Navel oranges will flow on for another 2 weeks (Valencia's after that) and lemons are available from Riverside but quality isn't flash! Limes are on the way out.
    Avocadoes - Supplies from Wodonga Park QLD will finish up soon and then we'll move to BioDynamic Avocadoes from Manna Farms VIC & WA

    Mangoes should hopefully arrive next week from NT then Apricots from SA

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Click here to start your orders!

    Watermelons from Ottones have been great!
    Blueberries grown by Kevin Black are nice. It's the first year he has sent blueberries to the market.
    This will be the last week of Pink Ladies from Forest Orchards. They may have some red delicious available from next week!
    Asparagus is in full swing grown by Maurie Cafra VIC
    Pears from Greenwood Orchards have finished. We may have some available intermittantly during the next 3 months from West Australia
  • Kombucha Tasting Night & Scoby Swap Meet 14 Mar 2015  | 3 Comments

    Come along on Friday the 27th March from 5pm for a Kombucha Tasting Night! Since we moved we've talked about holding tasting nights, and almost three years later we're finally testing the waters!

    We'll be holding free tastings of all our Kombuchas, and the shop will be open later. Also, anyone who wants to send their baby scobies to a new home, were also running a Scoby swap-meet at the same time.


    Be there or be a pineapple!

  • 10 September 2014 10 Sep 2014  | 0 Comments


    Sydney's Freshest Award Winning Organic Produce,
    delivered straight to your door!
    Contact us! Phone: (02) 9533 4747

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    10th September 2014
    Strawberries are on for the weekend. Up until late quality has been patchy, so I'm glad the fruit has come good and we can do a nice price - $5.99 a punnet!
    Order Now!
    Baby Carrots have been a hit over the past few weeks since we've been stocking them. Grown by Arahura Farms, they are a great size for the kiddys in their lunch box or after school snack! $3.99 this week
    Desiree Potatoes have been fantastic the last few weeks! Grown by Shayne Eldridge in SA, he's done a great job with the size and quality.
    Don't forget! we now stock Eumundi Smokehouse Bacon, Ham & Cured meats. These products are woodfire smoked and taste great. We've just recieved a fresh delivery so we have plenty of stock. Sorry to anyone who missed out last week!

  • Wednesday 10 July 10 Jul 2013  | 0 Comments


    Market Report 10/7/2013
    In this weeks Update...

    - Superb New Season Strawberries
    - Plump Panama Passionfruits
    - Super Sweet Corn from Bundaberg
    - Wonderful Wombok
    - Upcoming Sunday Closure
    Shop closure on Sunday 21st July
    Due to an electrical upgrade to the building, on Sunday the 21st July we will be without power and the shop will be CLOSED all day. This only affects anyone who shops instore, and we apologise for an inconvenience this may cause.
    Superb Strawberries
    Sweet new season QLD strawberries are starting to come down in price. This week we have punnets for $8.99 each. Find them in the Fruit Section
    Wonderful Wombok
    We have some lovely Wombok available this week. Also known as Chinese Cabbage, Wombok makes delicious salad or is nice cooked up. Find it in the Vegetable Section.
    Please remeber: cut-off times for ordering are:
    Wednesday night for orders delivered on Thursday;
    Thursday 12pm for orders delivered on Friday.
    If you order after these times, be warned you may miss out!
    Plump Panamas
    This week we have some nice plump Panama Passionfuit available. $1.99 each, find them in the Fruit Section
    Super Sweet Corn
    We have some very nice Sweet Corn coming from Bundaberg this week. Get some from the Vegetable Section.
    General Chit-Chat
    A lot of the produce is looking good so far this week. The tomatoes are large, ripe & firm. Red Capsicum is the longer thinner variety & prices have dropped back to normal. Avocadoes are a bit smaller than the last few weeks, and the price reflects that.

    Most produce is in good condition at the moment, but onions are starting to come towards the end of their run, and consequently we're starting to see some sprouters as they want to go forth & multiply! Over the next few weeks we may see quality decline & some gaps in the market.

    We still have heaps of grocery specials available! Check them out in the SPECIALS department!
  • Market Report 12/6/13 12 Jun 2013  | 0 Comments


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    Market Update 12/6/2013
    In this weeks Update...

    - Vegetable Supplies
    - South Australian Mandarins-
    - Bread Ordering
    - Winter Dairy Supplies
    South Australian Mandarins are in fine form this week. Grown by Wayne & Cindy Brander, their produce is always exceptional!
    Winter Veg Supplies
    • Qld tomatoes will start getting stronger over the next few weeks.
    • Local bunch lines and herbs are being supplied on a week to week basis. Cold weather snaps could effect supplies.
    • Red capsicums are in short supply and prices have skyrocketed.
    • Cucumbers are hard to get and prices reflect the light supplies.
    Clearance Sale!
    Check the specials section for some great specials on clearance items!
    Please remeber: cut-off times for ordering are:
    Wednesday night for orders delivered on Thursday;
    Thursday 12pm for orders delivered on Friday.
    If you order after these times, be warned you may miss out!
    Radish bunches available this week!
    Fuji apples from Forest Orchards are going strong. We always recommend Fuji's when asked for the best apples!
    Bread Ordering
    Unlike most Home Delivery services, we are in the unique position of also trading as a retail shop. As such, we are finding that sometimes we can't always fill bread orders for Home Deliveries, as the loaves in question may have already been sold. To try to rectify this we are trialling a new system for bread orders. Any orders placed before 9am Wednesday will have their bread kept aside for delivery, guaranteeing supply unless the loaves in question are unavailable. Orders placed after this time won't be kept aside until Thursday morning.
    Changes to website
    Over the next few weeks there will be a few changes to the website, one of which will be the ability to submit credit card details directly to the website. When this becomes available please make use of it, as it will be our preferred payment option for home deliveries.
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