Nappies Infant 5-9kg 32 Pack - Ecoriginals


32 nappies per bag

5-9 kilograms 

What are the nappies made from?
  • Our unique leak barrier uses Cardia Compostable film, instead of the normal plastic layer, meaning the nappy is more breathable for bub (this layer is up to 5 times more breathable than the traditional plastic layer used in conventional disposable nappies)
  • Our material is made from plant based ingredients
  • No harmful chemicals and fragrances (our nappies are completely free from chlorine, phthalates, fragrances, lotions, latex and heavy metals)
  • The absorbent core is made up of sustainably farmed wood pulp and a super absorbent material
  • The leg cuffs are made of non-latex elastic, and the tabs are made from plastic material.
  • World first 100% compostable packaging using Cardia Compostable instead of plastic packaging

We consider our nappy to be as environmentally friendly as current technology allows but will continue to incorporate new ingredients as they come to market.

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