Market & Store Update 10/11/2020


Over the past few months we’ve been slowly shuffling our store around to fit new refrigeration units which have been a welcome addition to our store. We can now hold more capacity with frozen and chilled items and our vegetables are chilled which will help during the warmer months. Drop into our store and check them out!

Market Update

  • Stone fruit has just started from Victoria. Prices and supply should get better over the next 3-4 weeks. Cherries are a little bland just now but flavour should improve soon
  • Mangoes are here but still not in full supply
  • Celery is in short supply from QLD. VIC & SA just starting to harvest now. Quality and supply should improve over the next 2-3 weeks
  • QLD Dutch Creams and Sebago potatoes are the only potatoes available at the moment and they nice! VIC potatoes will be in season around the end of December start of January.
  • Cucumber price has decreased fairly quickly over the last couple of weeks and the market is full so get on to them while they are in good supply
  • Avocadoes from GMP Farms have been very consistent over the last few months. NSW & VIC Avocadoes will start to finish off around December and the Western Australian crops will take us through to Jan

Website Ordering

Please be mindful when ordering that we have changed Cucumbers and Zucchini to PER KG rather than EACH. Sizing has been inconsistent lately and so it’s best we price/order by weight.

We are continuing to make changes/updates to the website each week so keep an eye out for any upgrades etc

Contact us if you have any feedback!