Beef Broth Cubes 500g – Star Anise


Long slow simmered and made from 100% grass fed and finished beef bones. Stock (or broth) is an age-old traditional wholefood required to balance out our muscle meat and egg intake. It also builds and repairs the osteo-skeletal system, promotes healthy digestive function, makes skin and hair glow, and calms the nervous system.

Gently heat and drink 1 cup as a hot drink once a day or use as the base for soups and casseroles for added flavour and nutrients.


Not Certified, uses Organic Ingredients.

Made in Australia.

Ingredients: beef broth 100%  (filtered water, beef bones from 100% pastured cows, raw apple cider vinegar*, pepper*, thyme*, home-grown bay leaves*, garlic granules*). *Australian certified organic

We have frozen our beef broth (without added salt) into ice-cube sized portions for you to conveniently pop into smoothies and sport drinks for extra nutrient-density and frothiness (without affecting the taste at all!). Also add to sauces, stews and baby’s food for extra nutrient-density and liquid.

500g = approx. 25 cubes


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