Terms & Conditions

All orders are subject to a $5.50 delivery fee. Orders outside our normal delivery areas (Sydney Metro) are subject to postage/courier charges. 


Order time cut-offs. Please be observant of these times!

Wednesday delivery – Tuesday Midnight

Thursday delivery – Wednesday Midnight

Friday delivery – Thursday 12pm

Orders are delivered on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays for Sydney. Please check our Delivery Page for your day.

Final Invoices are emailed when your order is ready for dispatch

Prices for all products are subject to change without notice.

Click & Collect – Available Wednesday to Saturday after 12pm. If you require an order outside of these times please call us (02)9533 4747

Please note – Random weight items may vary your final invoice amount. All items sold “PER KG” are considered random weight items. All meat (fresh or frozen) products are considered random weight items unless stated.

Items in your cart may become unavailable on the day of delivery due to unforseen circumstances. These items are shown as a zero amount on your new invoice

Secure Payments

Credit Cards are securely processed through Commonwealth Bank Simplify Gateway. Our employees do not have access to any sensitive payment data. Your card details are encrypted in a secure vault to ensure data integrity. We never share you details with anyone

Returns & Credit Policy

Please contact us within 24 hours of receipt of delivery for any quality issues. We aim to provide the best quality and service and our customer service team will ensure you are happy.

Refunds or replacements will be issued for products with quality issues

If you have mistakenly ordered an incorrect product, a refund will be issued as long as the items can be returned to our store in a saleable condition.


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